June 14, 2013 · Webinar: Multi-Material Stewardship Western Consultation Meeting

Primary Segment: Stewards

Materials from webinar:


Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) invited representatives from municipalities, stewards and stakeholders to participate in a consultation meeting and simultaneous webcast on Tuesday, June 11, where it presented the draft product management program.

Those who will be most interested in the stewardship plan are:

  • municipalities that collect or want to collect household waste packaging and paper for recycling;
  • companies, called “stewards”, that supply products in packaging and paper to Saskatchewan residents; and
  • stakeholders who are interested in the recycling of waste packaging and paper in Saskatchewan.

MMSW is a not-for-profit agency established by industry to develop the product management program for waste packaging and paper on behalf of companies that are obligated to meet the requirements of the Saskatchewan Household Packaging & Paper Stewardship Program Regulation.

The draft plan sets out how MMSW proposes to meet the obligations of stewards under the Saskatchewan Household Packaging & Paper Stewardship Program Regulation