WPP Stewardship Plan

MMSW Program Plan

2015 Approved Program Plan
Program Approval Letter

MMSW has published the approved Program Plan for the management of waste paper and packaging in Saskatchewan.

Revisions to the Program Plan were made as a result of additional requirements by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment announced on December 18, 2014. These requirements included a permanent exemption for any business that generates less than $2 million in gross annual revenue, or generates less than one tonne of household packaging and paper annually or operates a single retail store.  A two-year transition exemption from reporting and paying fees, with the exception of payment of an annual $500 flat fee, for all newspapers, regardless of size, and all businesses with annual revenue of between $2-5 million, and approval of stewardship fees by the Minister during the two-year transition exemption period. MMSM’s original Program Plan was unworkable with the addition of these requirements.

MMSW has now revised its Program Plan to reflect the Minister’s additional requirements as announced on December 18, 2014. During the transition exemption period, MMSW will:

  • Accept the registration of newspapers, regardless of their size, and businesses with annual revenue of between $2-5 million for a payment of $500 per year
  • Execute Membership Agreements with businesses with annual revenue of above $5 million.

To accommodate the transition exemption for all newspapers and all businesses with annual revenue of between $2-5 million, MMSW’s Program Plan will be implemented in the following stages:

  1. Transition Period:
    1. Begins on the date on which the Program Plan is launched
  2. Post-Transition Phase 1:
    1. Begins when newspapers and those businesses exempted start reporting and paying fees
  3. Post-Transition Phase 2:
    1. Begins when funding to municipalities is based on costs for Saskatchewan municipalities to operate an efficient and effective waste paper and packaging program

Fee rates for stewards are included in the Program Plan for Ministerial approval and will remain fixed for two years.


2013 WPP Stewardship Plan

On December 20, 2013, the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment approved the 2013 Waste Packaging and Paper Stewardship Plan submitted by Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) in August and revised in December 2013. The plan was developed by representatives from Retail Council of Canada, Food and Consumer Products of Canada, and the Canadian Food and Restaurant Association.

The 2013 program plan can be read here