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Mar 201914

Multi-Material Stewardship Western’s partner, Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, sets commitments and endorses circular economy for plastics

Together with our partner, CSSA, we have made the following specific commitments in support of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment: We will collaborate with businesses and governments in order to help increase reuse/recycling/composting rates for plastics; We will advocate…Read More
Oct 201824

2018 Annual Steward Meeting Materials

The 2018 Annual Steward Meeting was hosted by CSSA on behalf of the stewardship programs on Wednesday, October 24. It provided stewards with updates on packaging and paper recycling program performance along with next year’s program budgets and material fee…Read More
Sep 201827

Municipal payment increases and 2019 budget

When MMSW was launched at the beginning of 2016, the program provided payments for recycling services to municipal, First Nation and Regional Waste Authority partners that were based on the experience of other programs as no Saskatchewan data was available.…Read More
Sep 201810

2018 Annual Steward Meeting: Register Now

The 2018 Annual Steward Meeting (ASM) on Wednesday, October 24, will be an online experience for all. Following a review of attendance trends and steward input, this year’s event will be webcast only and supported by an enhanced web experience.…Read More
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