How do municipalities or First Nations find out more about the MMSW program?

MMSW encourages municipalities and First Nations to regularly return to this website to find updates on the program development process.

How do municipalities or First Nations join MMSW?

Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) has launched its product management program, under the Waste Packaging and Paper Stewardship Plan, effective January 1, 2016 and invites remaining municipalities, First Nations (Local Governments) and Regional Waste Authorities that collect residential waste packaging and paper (WPP) to become a part of this program in Saskatchewan. There is no cost to join the program. Local Governments or Regional Waste Authorities may join at any time once they are providing access to WPP recycling services (curbside or depot collection programs) for their ratepayers.

To join the MMSW program, please first review the Waste Packaging and Paper Stewardship Plan and then you can view a sample of the MMSW Services Agreement here. Once you have reviewed the Services Agreement contact the MMSW office to begin the onboarding process.

Will stewards have a say in how collectors operate their waste packaging and paper collection programs?

MMSW is the agency assigned to work with collectors on behalf of stewards. Municipalities that choose to join MMSW are required to follow general policies and procedures to maximize program efficiencies.Collector and processor policies and procedures can be found in Appendix B of the WPP Stewardship Plan.

How do municipalities assign a designate to work with MMSW?

If a municipality is part of an existing Regional Waste Authority (RWA):

    • Council must provide all required authority to designate the RWA to report and receive payment on their behalf or;
    • the municipality must manage the reporting and/or receive payment directly from MMSW.

At the point of executing a contract with MMSW, a municipality needs to advise MMSW on whether they are appointing a designate or not. Read more about designating an RWA here.

Are containers that are regulated under The Litter Control Act and that are under deposit included in this program?

No. Containers that are under deposit are not included in this program. These are covered under the The Litter Control Act.

If our municipality does not take part at this time, will we have the opportunity to join at a future date?

Yes, you can join MMSW at a later date. Municipalities, First Nations and Regional Waste Authorities that sign a Membership Agreement are eligible for payments within 30 days of submission of an agreement.