Become a Collector

How to Join the MMSW Program

There is no cost to join our program. Municipalities and First Nations (Local Governments) or Regional Waste Authorities may join at any time, once they are providing access to WPP recycling services (curbside or depot collection programs) for their ratepayers.

To join the MMSW program, a Local Government or Regional Waste Authority should review the Waste Packaging and Paper Stewardship Plan if not already familiar with the program, then you can request a copy of the MMSW Services Agreement by emailing . You can view a sample of the  MMSW Services Agreement here.

If you are interested in receiving payment for your collection of residential WPP, your next step is to complete the Services Agreement, including Appendix 2 and 3, and submit to MMSW via fax or email. See the front page of the Services Agreement for this information.

An executed Agreement is a requirement to receive payment from MMSW for the collection and recycling of residential WPP.

If you belong to a Regional Waste Authority (RWA), please review the following information:

  • The RWA may execute the Services Agreement on your behalf
  • If the RWA is executing the Services Agreement on your behalf, the RWA must have written permission in the form of an email or letter from your Local Government
  • Each Local Government that is being represented needs to be listed and attached to the Services Agreement as Appendix 3
  • You can choose instead not to designate your Regional Waste Authority and can execute the Services Agreement with MMSW directly
  • Please discuss your options with your RWA
  • If you permit your RWA to execute the Services Agreement on your behalf, MMSW will change communications going forward to your RWA instead of to your Local Government