Saskatchewan is a beautiful province, and through world-class recycling programs, municipalities and First Nations (collectors) strive to keep it that way. Collectors and their dedicated staff work tirelessly to divert materials from landfills for their residents. Paid for by industry on behalf of MMSW’s members, by joining MMSW, collectors continue to manage recycling programs, and now can receive up to 75% of net program costs of an efficient and effective residential recycling program. This reduces the financial burden on municipal budgets and allows for these costs to be allocated to new programs or credited back to taxpayers. Through our partnership with Circular Materials, we will also share learnings from other provinces to help maximize program efficiency and ensure that Saskatchewan residents receive the benefit of recycling programs through industry funding.

Municipalities and First Nations

Municipalities and First Nations that operate residential collection programs for waste packaging and paper (WPP) can choose to participate in MMSW’s Multi-Material Recycling Program (MMRP). Municipalities enrolled in the program will be required to comply with collector and processor policies and procedures and will be eligible to receive payment from MMSW to offset up to 75 per cent of the net program costs for the efficient and effective recycling of our members’ WPP.