Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

As a business resident in Saskatchewan, or as a voluntary steward, participating in MMSW’s waste packaging and paper program requires completing a Membership Agreement. A copy of the Agreement is available from the below link. The signed Agreement needs to be uploaded to your account on the WeRecycle Portal.

Click here to download the MMSW 2023 Membership Agreement

Why do we have to sign a Membership Agreement?

MMSW members are required to sign a Membership Agreement with MMSW because MMSW will fulfil the requirements of the Saskatchewan Household Packaging & Paper Stewardship Program Regulation on behalf of its members. MMSW therefore needs a commitment that members will report their material data and pay the required fees for the management of those materials.

The Membership Agreement has five main objectives:

To set out MMSW’s obligation to perform its duties as your stewardship agent and fulfil your obligations under the Saskatchewan Household Packaging & Paper Stewardship Program Regulation;

  • To make clear our joint reporting and disclosure obligations;
  • To provide an explanation of how MMSW will calculate fees;
  • To outline payment terms and conditions;
  • To detail the terms and conditions for contract termination

Click here to download the Dispute Resolution Policy