Designating an RWA

Municipalities may participate in the program either directly or through a Regional Waste Authority (RWA).

If a municipality participates in the MMSW program through a RWA, the RWA will sign the Services Agreement on behalf of the municipality. The RWA will also coordinate collection, fulfill all reporting obligations, and collect payment from MMSW.

How Do I Designate?

Appointing a RWA

If a municipality is part of an existing Regional Waste Authority (RWA):

  • The municipality must obtain all required approval and consents to authorize the RWA to act on its behalf

If the municipality chooses to designate their RWA, the RWA will execute the Services Agreement (not the municipality). The RWA will also be responsible for performing services, reporting to MMSW, and collecting payment from MMSW.

Joining a RWA

If a municipality wishes to join an existing Regional Waste Authority (RWA):

Delegating to a Sub-Contractor

The municipality or Regional Waste Authority (if applicable), may delegate its responsibilities to a private sub-contractor who will collect and manage the waste packaging and paper on their behalf.

The Notice of Delegation is Appendix 5 to the Services Agreement.

  • MMSW will confirm that the sub-contractor proposed is acceptable to MMSW by returning a counter-signed copy of the Notice of Delegation.

Under this approach, the sub-contractor provides all services relating to the collection and processing of waste packaging and paper. In addition, the municipality or RWA may also delegate responsibility for quarterly and annual reporting obligations to the sub-contractor and/or direct MMSW to make payments directly to the sub-contractor.

It is important to note that the municipality or RWA is still fully liable for the performance of their residential recycling program even if sub-contracted to a third party. The municipality or RWA is responsible for maintaining their obligations under the Services Agreement with MMSW. Please review Section 4 of the Services Agreement for detailed information regarding the delegation of a sub-contractor.