Transition Period Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for MMSW Registrants during Transition Period 

  1. You have read the information provided on the MMSW website here and confirm you are eligible to register as a resident business during the transition period, and pay the flat fee of $500
  2. You are the Primary Contact for your company.
  3. Your business has Residency in Saskatchewan.
  4. You acknowledge that you and MMSW will both use reasonable diligence and care to prevent the unauthorized disclosure, reproduction or distribution of information considered private and confidential (such as customer, technical, financial and other business information received from the other) to any other person or organization.
  5. You confirm that the information and sales or other data you used to determine your eligibility to register and pay the flat fee during the transition period is complete and accurate.
  6. You agree to receive and pay invoices issued as per the payment due date.
  7. You understand and agree that you may be charged interest of 4% per annum above the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s (CIBC) prime lending rate on any late payments.
  8. When the transition period ends or if your business status changes, you understand that you will be required to sign a Membership Agreement with MMSW and report and pay fees as a fully obligated steward.
  9. You agree that any disputes between MMSW and you shall be made under the dispute resolution process that is published on the MMSW website. Referral of any disputed matter shall not act to stay or defer your obligations to pay the flat fee.

Residency means as defined in the Producer Guide posted here.