Saskatchewan milk container deposit affects MMSW reporting and invoices

News posted on April 1, 2017

Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) advises that reports and invoices will change for stewards supplying milk containers to the residential market as a result of milk containers being added to Saskatchewan’s beverage deposit program in the provincial government’s recent 2017-18 budget.

Effective April 1, consumers will pay a deposit on beverage containers for milk, buttermilk, cream, fluid coffee creamers, lactose-free milk products and drinkable yogurt. These containers are no longer obligated materials for the MMSW program (a list of deposit and non-deposit containers is included in a government backgrounder). However, stewards are required to continue reporting ancillary and secondary packaging related to these containers.

Material fee rates for 2017 will not change. Steward guidebooks and tip sheets are being revised to reflect the new reporting of milk containers. Action is required on 2017 invoices and reports for MMSW stewards who supply these milk containers.

For applicable stewards, invoices for the final three quarters of 2017 will be eligible for credits based on milk product containers reported in 2016. Stewards will need to determine what portion of their 2015 data represented milk product containers participating in the deposit program. The Milk Container Credit Request Form should be completed and submitted to MMSW by April 30, 2017, so that credits can be calculated.

MMSW stewards completing 2017 reports of 2016 data (due May 31) should omit milk containers. If your 2017 report has been submitted, please contact the National Steward Services team for assistance.

Our National Steward Services team is available to assist with questions about this MMSW change: 1-888-980-9549 or .