Saskatchewan government seeks MMSW member feedback in red-tape survey

News posted on March 24, 2021

As part of its review of The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations and Multi-Material Recycling Program, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment is inviting MMSW members to participate in a survey about reducing regulatory administrative burdens.

The online survey also includes questions on extended producer responsibility, business exemptions, designated materials, targets and recovery rates and non-residential waste.

The Red Tape Reduction Review will collect feedback from businesses that are obligated under the regulations with the objective of finding ways to remove all unnecessary compliance requirements. Further background and details about the survey are available in a letter to stewards from the Ministry of Environment.

To participate in the survey, please visit the link below and answer the first question with “I represent a steward/business”. Feedback must be submitted by April 30, 2021.

Written feedback can be provided by sending an email to the Ministry of Environment at and any questions regarding the survey can be directed to Brienne Bennett at or 306-787-7032.