Preventing contamination and the spread of COVID-19

News posted on April 29, 2020

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, for the safety of collection and processing teams, our communities, and to reduce overall contamination please keep the following items out of your recycling:

  1. Diapers
  2. Other items contaminated with bodily fluid including feminine hygiene products, razors, needles, tissues, masks, gloves, and wipes
  3. Food waste
  4. Aerosol containers with warning labels/contents remaining.









According to a major recycling facility in Saskatchewan, a recent visual audit showed an increase of items contaminated with bodily fluids (a category of Household Hazardous Waste) of 20-50% compared to a previous audit completed in February.

All residents can help ensure the safety of collection, sorting and processing crews by only putting accepted items in your recycling. Some communities request residents to place items like used diapers, masks, gloves, and wipes in secured bags for garbage collection. Please check with your garbage collection provider or local government for proper disposal methods for this material. Please also maintain a minimum social distance of two metres with all curbside collection workers and wait for the truck to depart before removing your bins or carts from the curb.

Thank you for supporting the safety of collection, sorting and processing teams and the success of recycling programs in Saskatchewan.