March 20, 2014 · Webinar on Preparing Your 2014 Steward Reports

Primary Segment: Stewards

On March 20, 2014, CSSA held a webinar to provide businesses participating in packaging and printed paper stewardship programs in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario with information to help in the preparation and submission of 2014 reports both nationally and for individual programs.

Materials from webinar:

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • New reporting tools to assist you with reporting – including the National Guidebook and a user guide for the WeRecycle Reporting Portal; all designed to help simplify and streamline the reporting process
  • National material list for stewards that prefer to report against a single, harmonized list for multiple jurisdictions
  • Reporting tips for preparing your 2014 report
  • Voluntary steward registration deadlines
  • Membership Agreement for MMBC and MMSW stewards
  • WeRecycle Reporting Portal updates

If you have any questions, please email:   or call 1-888-980-9549.