Recycling. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Working together

Together we collected more than 37,300 tonnes of supplied waste packaging and paper from residents. More than 85% of collected materials were diverted from landfills, a notable increase from last year. Recycling is a collaborative effort and we all have a significant part to play.

In Saskatchewan, a number of groups play a part in our waste packaging and paper recycling program? We work with businesses, who help fund the program, and municipalities, who collect the material, to ensure residents are able to effectively recycle their waste packaging and paper at home or at a depot.


Residents play a key role in the success of our recycling program. And it’s an important one. Finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste is an increasingly important part of minimizing our impact on the environment. Recycling diverts waste from landfill, conserves resources and energy, and contributes to a healthy Saskatchewan.

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Under our extended producer responsibility (EPR) model and the Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations, businesses that produce and supply packaging and paper to Saskatchewan residents share the responsibility with municipalities to finance the collection and recycling of waste packaging and paper. Businesses fund up to 75% of the residential waste packaging and paper recycling program costs.

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Our collectors, municipalities, regional waste authorities and First Nations, deliver waste packaging and paper recycling services to residents. By participating in our program, collectors can receive up to 75% of their net recycling program costs. Municipalities, regional waste authorities and First Nations that operate residential collection programs for waste packaging and paper can choose to participate in our program and choose the materials they collect.

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Learn more about the program results in our annual report.