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Oct 201530

Saskatchewan Government Approves MMSW’s Stewardship Plan

Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) is pleased to advise that the Saskatchewan Minister of Environment, Herb Cox, has approved MMSW’s revised Stewardship Plan. The Minister issued the announcement on Wednesday in a news release available here. MMSW plans to launch its…Read More
Jul 201529

MMSW Publishes Revised Program Plan

As you are aware, on December 18, 2014, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) announced that it would exempt businesses with revenues of under $2 million from the Multi-Material Recycling Program (MMRP), and introduce a flat fee of $500 per year…Read More
May 201519

Reporting Reminder – Due May 31/June 1, 2015

This message is a reminder of the approaching reporting deadline of May 31, 2015. As May 31 falls on a Sunday, you can submit your report on June 1. You may file and submit your report(s) by logging on to…Read More