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Jul 20175

2016 Annual Report

We are pleased to share our first annual report. The 2016 Annual Report showcases MMSW’s program performance, financials, new recycling initiatives and accomplishments over our first year in operation. Thank you to our partners for your support and commitment throughout…Read More
Apr 201720

Adjustment Policy Affirmed by Stewardship Program Boards

Over the past year, some stewards and/or their consultants have expressed dissatisfaction with the Adjustment Policy administered by CSSA on behalf of Stewardship Ontario, Recycle BC (formerly MMBC), MMSW and MMSM.  The Boards of Stewardship Ontario, Recycle BC, MMSW (the…Read More
Apr 20171

Saskatchewan milk container deposit affects MMSW reporting and invoices

Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) advises that reports and invoices will change for stewards supplying milk containers to the residential market as a result of milk containers being added to Saskatchewan’s beverage deposit program in the provincial government’s recent 2017-18 budget.…Read More
Mar 20172

Ready to Report Webinar Materials Available

The annual reporting webinar was held on March 1, 2017. Webinar topics included: What’s new in the Guidebook and sector Tip Sheets Using updated Steward Lists to identify resident and voluntary stewards for each program Material category and sector-specific reporting…Read More
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